Möbius design

graphic design with a twist


Your business is going along just fine. Like a hamster in a wheel. Please try not to take that the wrong way - he’s an awesome and efficient hamster doing what he does really well. But I need the wheel thing for my little analogy here.

So everything’s turning and it’s all good. But how to communicate what you do to the people outside the wheel? And how to do that without becoming something that you’re not? Well, with a möbius twist the inside becomes the outside without being a different side because it’s the same side.


One side fits all

Möbius is all about graphic design ideas, solutions and creativity. With many years experience in print publication your business is in safe hands.

Do you want something new or someone to make your own ideas happen? No worries. From concept to completion, Möbius will work with you for the best possible results.